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  R H E
Flensburg Falcons  7 9 2
Swanville Swans  3 3 4
Innings: 9
WP: Ike Thoma 9IP 3r 3h 11k 4bb 2hp
LP: Levi Beseman 7IP 5r 4k 1bb
Troy Evans 2IP 2r 1k 3bb

Travis Wenzel 1-4 rbi, 2 runs
Braden Backowski 2-5 2B, sac, 3 rbi
Luke Thoma 1-4 sac, 2 rbi
Ike Thoma 2-5 2 rbi
Josh Genske 1-4 hp
Calvin Sherwood 1-4 2B
Andrew Marod 1-4 bb, 2 runs

Jordon Sales 1-3 sb, bb
Levi Beseman 1-3 bb(2), run
Travis Barthel 1-5
Derek Pfeiffer 0-2 bb(2), sac, rbi
Troy Evans 0-3 bb

The Flensburg Falcons earned an important West Division win at Swanville over the Swans on Sunday with a 7-3 victory.  Ike Thoma provided a big all-around game for the Falcons, throwing a Complete Game with 11 strikeouts and also collecting a pair of hits and driving in 2 runs.  As the end of the regular season approaches, Swanville now currently trails Flensburg in the standings by 1/2 a game.  Flensburg is now 2-9 with their win over the Swans whole Swanville fell to 2-10.  There's a pretty good chance that both teams will finish the regular season with identical 2-11 records.  Since Sobieski no longer factors into the West Playoff scenario (Skis were forced up to Class B by the State Board), that means there can be no Play-In game this season.  So in the event of a tie in the standings, the Victory League's tie breaking rules would go into effect to determine the #3 and #4 seeds when the Playoffs roll around.  First off, the Falcons have 2 games left to play and those will both be at Sobieski next Saturday beginning at 12:00 pm.  The Skis will be favored to sweep that doubleheader, leaving the Falcons with a 2-11 mark.  Swanville has 1 game remaining on their schedule.  They will host the Upsala Blue Jays on Saturday to wrap up the regular season.  The Blue Jays have already locked up the West #1 Playoff seed with a clinching win over Randall on Sunday. Upsala will be favored to win that game in Swanville, meaning the Swans also will end up 2-11.  So here's how the tie breaking scenario would play out if that indeed does happen.  

The 1st tie breaker is head-to-head competition.  Flensburg and Swanville split their 2 games with the Swans winning 8-5 in Flensburg on April 28th.  With Flensburg's win in Swanville Sunday by a 7-3 score, that means we move to the 2nd tie breaker.

The 2nd tiebreaker is Division Record.  If Flensburg drops both games to the Skis ad Swanville loses to Upsala, then both teams finish 1-7 in the West.  SO we move to the 3rd tie breaker.

The 3rd tie breaker is Runs Scored in head-to-head games.  And this is where Flensburg holds the advantage.  In the 2 games, Flensburg scored 5 and 7 runs for a total of 12.  Swanville scored 8 and 3 runs for a total of 11.  So by that 1 run margin, Flensburg would be the West #3 and Swanville would be the West #4 in the Playoffs.
Flensburg Falcons Swanville Swans
Adam Hallberg
Andrew Marod
Andy Peterson
Anthony Vedder
Arik Schwanke
Bob Wenzel
Braden Backowski
Brady Shelstad
Brent Carry
Calvin Sherwood
Dylan Lukasavitz
Earl Athman
Evan J. Athman
Hunter Kleinschmidt
Isaac Thoma
Jacob Thoma
Joshua Genske
Lucas Thoma
Nathan Masog
Travis Wenzel
Wesley Waytashek
Austin Johnson
Austin Mollner
Ben Jordon
Ben Schultz
Brent Barthel
Carter Loven
Chris Baum
Cole Pfeiffer
Colton Kruzel
Derek Pfeiffer
Eric Koetter
Jordon Sales
Kyle Bushaw
Kyle Sieben
Levi Beseman
Nathan Lambrecht
Nathaniel Koetter
Peyton Jackson
Travis Barthel
Tren Dinius
Troy Evans
Zachary Gutormson